Flags, emblems and parades in Orange Order’s Christmas message

Orange parade

Orange parade

The flags and emblems of Northern Ireland must have primacy and reflect a position within the United Kingdom, the Orange Order has said.

In his Christmas and New Year message, Grand Lodge Grand Master Edward Stevenson also described 2014 as “a significant year in the decade of centenaries” as we mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and other historic events.

He said: “We trust it will also be a defining one, not only through the development of our interpretative centres, but also regarding the regulation of parades.”

Mr Stevenson said the Order “remains committed to playing its role in making Northern Ireland a better place for everyone”, but asked for respect and tolerance in return.

“What hope is there for a genuinely shared future if the mere presence of a [Orange Hall] building – associated with a Christian organisation – cannot be tolerated by republicans? Likewise, why in 2013 are the loyal orders curtailed in expressing their cultural heritage on main arterial routes which are areas of shared space?” he said.

Mr Stevenson added: “We pray the Haass talks – if all parties are sincere – will produce the positive outcome we all desire, in keeping with a genuinely shared future.”




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