Schools to close to pupils as teachers walk out in Belfast

Teachers in schools across Belfast and beyond are staging a one-day strike as part of a bitter pay dispute.
Handing over the petition today at Stormont

300,000-signature petition opposing change to abortion law presented to Stormont

A 300,000-signature petition opposing change to Northern Ireland's abortion law is the largest ever presented to the Stormont Assembly, an MLA has said.

Reese Meenan

Funeral details released for tragic Reece Meenan

The funeral details have been released for tragic 13-year-old Reece Meenan.
A doctor checking a child

New study reveals lack of awareness from parents at spotting symptoms of meningitis

Parents admit they would struggle to identify the signs of meningitis, spot if their child was being bullied - or even perform CPR on a baby or child, a study has found.

Dippy the Diplodocus

Ulster museum among venues agreed for model dinosaur skeleton Pippy's tour

Dippy the Diplodocus sets off on a time-shifting tour of the UK in early 2018, bringing a flavour of the Jurassic to eight carefully selected venues across the UK.

ASDA to cut fuel price tomorrow

Asda is cutting fuel to new national price cap of 110.7ppl on unleaded and 112.7ppl on diesel.
People in the UK are unaware of many factory farming techniques

Pulling teeth, docking tails and killing male chicks - legal farming techniques most people are unaware of

Millions of people have no idea how their food is produced - with six in 10 admitting they didn't realise dairy cows needed to be pregnant in order to produce milk, a study has found.

Northern Ireland Festival of Remembrance

Thousands gather to honour fallen heroes

Around two thousand people gathered at the Northern Ireland Festival of Remembrance in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast last night.
Getting ready for the Christmas Lights Switch-on in Belfast on Saturday 19 November are Lily of Lilys Driftwood Bay and Corey Courtney and Lauren Picking from Springfield Primary School. Both Lily and a choir from Springfield PS will be on stage with the Lord Mayor and also the Clangers to mark the citys festive countdown to Christmas. Free tickets will be available from Visit Belfast Welcome Centre or by booking online at from Thursday 3 November at 9.30am. For more information on the event, visit

Lily and the Clangers join Lord Mayor to switch on Belfast Christmas Lights

Lily of Lily’s Driftwood Bay and the Clangers will be helping the Lord Mayor switch on the Christmas Lights in Belfast.
New advice could reduce cot death risk by 50 per cent.

Babies should share bedroom with parents - but in their own bed

Babies should sleep in the same rooms as their parents for the first year of their lives - but never in the same bed - as it reduces cot death by 50 per cent.
How has your name performed?

Comeback kid or rising star? How has your name performed since 1904?

Names, love yours or hate it, we’ve all got one and now a new tool can reveal how popular our monikers have been over the past 110 years.


Watch: Carnlough’s Cora defies doctors to celebrate 8th birthday

Brave terminally ill Carnlough girl Cora McQuade-Denvir has defied doctors’ expectations to celebrate her eighth birthday.

The Royal Hospital

Mother’s fight for brain-injury son ‘let down by system’

The mother of a Co Antrim man who suffered a serious brain injury in an alleged attack in London is taking legal action in a bid to stop any move to a unit for stroke patients.

Pets costing the UK billions

Pets costing the UK billions

The UK is truly a nation of animal lovers if recent statistics are to be believed - with dogs costing on average £15,382 to keep.

Ruth Davidson at the new Belfast mural depicting a married lesbian couple

Ruth Davidson: Northern Ireland will soon endorse gay marriage

Northern Ireland will soon endorse same-sex marriage as public support and a parliamentary majority overwhelms barriers to change, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives has predicted.

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