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Shauntelle Tynan

WATCH: Teenager breaks European cancer treatment fundraising record

An Irish teenager has broken a European record for the most successful appeal for money for cancer treatment.
The Duchess of Cornwall, President of the Ebony Horse Club, visits the charity's Brixton riding centre to celebrate the club's 21st anniversary.

Camilla charms grumpy Shetland pony at Ebony horse club

The Duchess of Cornwall has used her horse-whispering skills on a grumpy old Shetland pony during a visit to an inner-city club.


I was always a daddy’s girl. I followed him everywhere. When I was little, I even got mum to buy me the same trousers as him so we could look alike. I was only 19 when he died in 2003.

The US company confirmed that the US dollar to pound exchange rate made business unsustainable and that prices will increase as of 23 February 2017.

TECH: Brexit pound sees Sonos speakers price hike

Premium audio fans are about to feel the brunt of Brexit after luxury speaker and sound system manufacturer, Sonos, confirmed they will be raising prices by 25 per cent.

Millions of workers have the same lunch every single day

Millions of workers have the same lunch every single day

Millions of office workers are eating the same lunch every single day, a study has found.

Julian Clary

More bold moves from Julian Clary

Having just returned from a late honeymoon in the Maldives, after completing a gruelling schedule which included stand-up tours in the UK and Australia, a West End panto and his own wedding, Julian Clary is hoping for a quieter year.

The Old Inn, Co Down

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Stunning views en route down into Courchevel

A merry time in Meribel

Clambering up a sharp ascent, knee-deep in snow, the huge dump of white stuff I’d been wishing for becomes increasingly unwelcome.

Up to six hours of screen time doesn’t harm kids after all

Up to six hours of screen time doesn’t harm kids after all

Children who spend up to six hours a day playing computer games or watching telly aren't doing themselves any harm after all, according to new research.

10 celebs who have opened up about their mental health

10 celebs who have opened up about their mental health

You may be aware that this week (February 6-12) is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

What's your favourite pizza topping?

National Pizza Day: What’s your favourite topping?

Today is National Pizza Day.

Eating Out 1

People who eat pasta have a better diet

Pasta is a superfood - because it leads to eating a healthier diet, according to new research.

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Children's cereal

Shocking levels of sugar found in breakfast cereals

Some breakfast cereals contain shocking amounts of sugar - making up to a THIRD of the ingredients in some brands, reveals new research.
Eating Out

World’s devotees share love, respect and appreciation of telegraph poles

Every day we see hundreds of them, more likely thousands, yet we never give telegraph poles a second thought.

Be safe on the web.

Safer Internet Day: The '10 Commandments' to avoid online dangers

Today - Tuesday, February 7 - is Safer Internet Day 2017.

Sam Faiers

New mum Sam still loves life in the spotlight

She began her career as a model and TV personality, later designing clothes, running her own boutique and launching a range of beauty products, including an award-winning scent.

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Parma cathedral with Baptistery leaning tower on the central square in Parma town in Italy

Hamming it up in Italy

There is no such thing as spaghetti Bolognese. No, the dish you’ve rustled up for dinner a thousand times or plucked from the menu of a high-street Italian restaurant is a fabrication. An abomination, even.

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