Appreciating telegraph poles... as far apart as Russia, Iceland and Donegal

As Storm Ophelia raged relentlessly, causing widespread damage, disruption, and sadly, three deaths in the Republic of Ireland, I kept an apprehensive eye on the telegraph pole beside my house.

Water Street, Enniskillen. Late 1940s. Photographed by Tommy McBrien. Front - Rosie Williamson and Bridie Gordon.

ROAMER: Abundance of rare tales from the enthusiastic Millennium Babes

I’ve personal connections with today’s page that regular Roamer-readers may already be aware of.

A look back at Roamer’s past shows nothing has really changed much

A look back at Roamer’s past shows nothing has really changed much

The most recent of Roamer’s regular talks to local community groups and heritage organisations began with a very welcome surprise on Tuesday!

Steep Path to the Remains of Kenbane's 16th Century Tower House.

Ancient ruins, old stone walls and rocky landscapes rich with history

In this modern era of the worldwide web, with the News Letter available on computer screens all around the globe, more than a few of the accounts and reminiscences that adorn this page arrive in Roamer’s mailbox from distant corners of the planet.


Sir Geoff Hurst on World Cup-winning team-mates with dementia

Sir Geoff Hurst fears his lifelong friend and World Cup-winning team-mate Martin Peters would no longer recognise him or remember their achievements in 1966.


Twin brothers to honour father in rededication ceremony

The grave of a British soldier killed in Italy in the Second World War will be rededicated by his twin sons, who unknown to him were born just 22 days before his death.

The Bundoran Express in Bundoran Station.

Rail reminiscences and trains of thought 60 years on from closures

“I cannot remember my first railway journey,” Enniskillen-born railway author and photographer Charles Friel recently recounted.


WATCH: Sir Malcolm Campbell's iconic craft returns to the water

Restored record-breaker Bluebird back on the after 80 years

Belfast Senior Library Staff Behind Central Library in 1909. Thomas Coulson and John B. Goldsbrough are 2nd and 3rd from left, front row.

Eleven men swapped the silence of the library for the horrors of war

Harrowing, hastily-written and often heart-breaking letters from the front lines make hugely poignant paragraphs in the annals of war.

Clydis J. Patton

Untold story of courage behind the signature carved on lonely brick wall

I visited Vienna in the early 1960s when post-WWII reconstruction was still evident.


VIDEO - Astonishing never-seen-before World War Two photos

These astonishing never-seen-before photos snapped a year after VE Day show the apocalyptic devastation across post-war Germany.

Declan Haughian with Thresher Enthusiasts Richard Newell and Bertie Graham.

Agricultural reality show looks for machines and engines with X-Factor

The mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea, but not before encountering a major mustering of vintage farm machinery this weekend.

Bundoran Station and Timetable. Photo J.J. Smith.

Mixed menu of bacon, eggs, sausage, politics and religion on steam train

The 60th anniversary of the end of a historic era is approaching.


'Don't be cruel'. Elvis fans upset at vigil charge

Elvis Presley fans are angry they are having to pay to show their respects to their hero at his Graceland mansion on the 40th anniversary of his death.

The Lammas Fair in Ballycastle

Everything you want to know about Auld Lammas Fair in Ballycastle O

Ballycastle is gearing up for the ‘tourist invasion’ that is the Ould (or Auld or Oul’) Lammas Fair at the end of August.

The Catch

There’s more history than you can imagine on heritage walking tour

With our Brexit border controls and customs arrangements currently under constant debate it’s purely coincidental that Portadown’s famous customs-guru Sir Robert Hart is mentioned in the town’s recently launched heritage tours.

Bundoran Junction Station. Early 1950s

Why the golden age of steam may be gone but is definitely not forgotten

Apart from a weekly survey of the supermarket shelves for my now virtually obligatory Sunday roast-chicken, I’m not a bird-watcher!

Dr Samuel Curran

Ulster-born husband and Welsh wife invented wartime technology

On the recurring anniversaries of significant events and battles of two world wars, along with honouring those who died, the commemorations highlight the Allies’ unimaginable heroism on land, sea and air.

Andrea Spencer and Scott Benefield at Work.

Month-long celebration of art and craftwork that’s made in Ulster

August has just begun, named after the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar - from the Latin ‘augustus’, meaning auspicious or venerable.

The vandalised Geddes window

Vandals wreck historic window by 
stained-glass artist from Belfast

Yesterday in 1935 Belfast’s internationally acclaimed stained-glass artist Wilhelmina Geddes updated her diary in her Fulham studio in London.

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