VIDEO: Fury erupts at report launch

WATCH exclusive footage of the angry exchanges between victims' campaigners and republicans at the launch of the Eames-Bradley report.

Bereaved relatives went head-to-head inside Belfast's Europa Hotel on Wednesday, pointing fingers and trading accusations over the deaths of loved ones.

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Among them was victims' campaigner and former unionist politican Cedric Wilson, and Willie Frazer from victims' group FAIR.

Mr Wilson confronted Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, who was among the assembled crowd for the launch of the Eames-Bradley report.

It happened within feet of PSNI chief Sir Hugh Orde, among dignitaries and hundreds of relatives gathered for the launch of the report.

Unionist MEP Jim Allister was among the furious victims holding placards condemning the authors of the report on dealing with the Troubles.

It recommends a 12,000 payment to the families of all victims, including dead paramilitaries.

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Despite repeated appeals for calm, relatives whose loved ones were killed by republicans shouted accusations as the families of Catholics shot dead by security forces retaliated with stories of their own loss.

The protest delayed the arrival of the document's authors, Lord Eames and Dennis Bradley.

Also in the audience was former Metropolitan chief John Stevens, who led inquiries into the allegations of collusion between security forces and loyalist paramilitaries.

Unionists and some victims groups have rejected the payment because it would include republican and loyalist paramilitaries.

Report co-author Lord Eames described the money as a "recognition payment".

The 190-page report contains more than 30 recommendations which have now being unveiled.

Click here to read the document in full on the consultative team's website:

Consultative Group on the Past