Aircraft diverted to Belfast as woman goes into labour

Belfast International Airport
Belfast International Airport

Uncertainty still surrounds the condition of an expectant mother who went into labour before her plane was diverted to Belfast on Thursday.

The French national was travelling on an Air France flight from Paris to Detroit when the drama began around 250 miles from Northern Ireland.

There were 300 passengers on board the A340 aircraft which landed at Belfast International to be met by a full medical emergency team.

Fifteen minutes after touchdown, an ambulance rushed the woman to Antrim Area Hospital where it is understood her baby was born soon afterwards.

All other passengers remained on the plane for almost two hours until it was cleared to continue the journey to the United States at 6pm.

A spokeswoman for Antrim Area Hospital was unable to provide any further information last night as the woman had not consented for any details to be released to the media.

It is thought the new mother wishes to discuss the situation with her husband before deciding on any information being put into the 
public domain.

Public relations manager at Belfast International Deborah Harris said the emergency caused quite a stir.

“I’m here 10 years and no one can remember this happening before. We’ve had births actually in the airport before, but this was a new one for us,” she said.