Allister's plan to topple Executive

TUV leader Jim Allister has unveiled how he hopes to topple power-sharing by using a boycott plan that would likely see a nationalist majority in a Sinn Fein-led Executive.

This would be intolerable to most unionists, Mr Allister said, and might scupper the prospect of republican-led rule of the Province.

Depending on how many MLAs Mr Allister enters Stormont with, any boycott by him could mean unionists are in the minority at the Cabinet table.

Buoyed by taking almost a third of the unionist vote in the European election, the QC also said the TUV would only stand in Westminster constituencies with a clear unionist majority at the next General Election so as not to jeopardise marginal unionist seats.

But, in a wide-ranging interview with the News Letter, the former MEP said his party would field candidates in every seat at the 2011 Assembly election, hoping to take enough seats to qualify for at least one Executive seat.

In a situation where Martin McGuinness would probably be First Minister and unionists a minority in the Executive, Mr Allister hopes that the entire Executive would "implode" because it would be unrepresentative of unionism.

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