Antrim attack deemed 'sectarian'

A SECURITY alert at a community hall in Antrim is being treated as "sectarian".

Following an extensive overnigh search, police have confirmed two "crude but non-viable" devices were found in the vicinity of Stiles Community Centre in the town.

Members of the local Saint Comgalls senior GAA team had been training in the facility on Thursday night.

A warning call made to police claimed two devices were thrown in the Fountain Hill area.

The attack was reportedly claimed by the Real UFF.

Antrim mayor Adrian Watson, who had been to the scene, condemned the incident as "disgusting".

He said: "This comes less than a week after a policeman was seriously injured in a bomb attack at his home.

"The men who waited for the GAA tonight are as equally despicable as those who carried out the attack on Peadar Heffron.

"What I saw tonight was disgusting."

The alert has now ended but a PSNI spokeswoman appealed for people to be vigilant and not to touch any suspicious objects.