Apology on Ryanair’s ‘bumpy landing’ remark

Passengers arriving at City of Derry Airport
Passengers arriving at City of Derry Airport

City of Derry Airport’s chief has apologised for blaming Ryanair for bumpy landings.

Damien Tierney made the comments during a Strabane District Council meeting on Thursday.

He said that rather than bumpy landings being the airport’s fault, “it could in fact be down to Ryanair”.

“It is an issue we have raised with Ryanair and it seems to be specific to their pilots,” he said. “It seems to be part of their work in getting it [the aircraft] turned around and back in the air again”.

However, yesterday, Mr Tierney retracted his comments.

“At a meeting in Strabane on 15 January, I was asked if the runway length at City of Derry Airport was the cause of bumpy landings,” he said.

“I advised that this was not the case but went on to erroneously suggest that the pilots of our main carrier, Ryanair, may have been the cause. This is not the case.

“All Ryanair landings at City of Derry Airport are normal and fall within normal safety parameters. I apologise for any misunderstanding that my original statement may have caused.”

Ryanair responded that it “does not comment upon or engage in rumour or speculation”.