Baggott wants break from illegal flag parades

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THE Chief Constable Matt Baggott says he wants to see a break from illegal flag parades and said his officers will act against those breaking the law.

Speaking on the BBC’s The View programme on Thursday night, Mr Baggott defended the PSNI’s handling of the flag demonstrations.

He also revealed that 200 people had been identified during the disturbances on top of the 190 people already arrested.

“There will be further arrests, there will be more charges and there will be hundreds of people brought before the courts,” he said.

“Our approach in the last two months has led to not a single serious injury and that is an achievement by itself.

“If we had been overzealous, if we had tried to arrest people off the streets in a very crude way... I think there could have been a much more serious problem that we would still be facing.”

He added: “I hope that this Saturday will see a break from the illegal parades to a place where protest is peaceful and manageable.

“But I come back to the point that there will be consequences for people who choose to break the law.”

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