Births to teenage mothers at new low in Northern Ireland

a pregnant woman
a pregnant woman

The number of births to teenage mothers in Northern Ireland is at an all-time low, the latest provisional birth statistics from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency have revealed.

In 2013 “the number of births to teenage mothers fell to less than 1,000 births, the lowest number on record in Northern Ireland”.

According to the statistics there were 24,300 births registered throughout 2013 - 1000 less than in the previous year.

Of those births, 940 were to mothers under the age of 20-years, the lowest recorded number in the region.

And by contrast more than half of all births - 13,000 or 53% - were to women aged over 30-years.

Just over 10% of births were to mothers born outside the UK and Ireland (just under 2,500 births) – the highest percentage on record. Sixteen years ago this percentage stood at just over two% (550 births out of 24,100).

David Marshall from NISRA said: “The number of births fell last year, with births to younger mothers, especially teenage mothers, falling sharply.

“These demographic changes impact on society and will influence public policy.”