Bride-to-be left her mark

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SHE may not officially be a Royal yet but Catherine Middleton’s signature in Hillsborough Castle’s guest book was a highlight for many of the first visitors of the season.

The soon-to-be Royal bride visited the stately house with Prince William on March 8 as part of her first round of official engagements.

Miss Middleton had a lunch of soup, sandwiches and salad with secretary of state Owen Paterson and her fiance during a whirlwind one-day visit to the province.

But she left a permanent mark in the shape of her neatly-written signature, which has become one of the most inquired about pages of the guest book.

Other signatures include the Queen and Prince Phillip from their visit to Northern Ireland last October, as well as former US President George Bush, Hillary Clinton and ex-prime minister Tony Blair.

But it was Miss Middleton’s signature that drew huge interest from the elderly ladies of Hillsborough Open Door club who were on the first tour of the summer season yesterday.

A collective “oohh” went up in the room when they were told about the signature.

“And she has very nice neat writing,” said tour guide Judy Crawford, to nods of agreement from the ladies.

“In keeping with herself,” said one of the ladies in response.

As well as VIP guests, the book also contains the signatures of “ordinary” members of the public, such as one man called Willie who signed the same page as Miss Middleton.