Company turns waste into fuel

Kieran Byrne, Managing Director of Wastebeater, which has developed a new plant to convert waste into fuel for use in the cement industry
Kieran Byrne, Managing Director of Wastebeater, which has developed a new plant to convert waste into fuel for use in the cement industry

A Belfast based recycling and waste management company has developed a new and innovative plant which will divert recycled waste for use as a fuel in the cement industry.

Wastebeater has established a Solid Recovery Fuel (SRF) Plant which will divert almost 100 per cent remaining residual waste from the commercial and industrial sector for use in the cement industry as a coal replacement fuel.

Managing Director Kieran Byrne said: “Our dual focus over the past 5 years has been recycling to the maximum level and making efficient use of the remaining waste through the creation of a coal replacement fuel for effective use in the cement industry. The aim at Wastebeater is to successfully develop a technology which enables us to totally divert the waste which remains away from landfill and using it as an energy source. We want Wastebeater to be the company that turns ‘energy from waste’ from being a high level concept into an industry reality.

“I am delighted to say now that, after a 5 year period of research and a £6m investment, we have now developed a Solid Recovered Fuel System which yields an output which is being used by the cement industry as a high grade fuel.

“Our SRF is derived from the residual waste which remains at the end of our recycling process, from renewable and non-recyclable shredded paper and plastic residues from the waste sector. We have developed our process in partnership with the cement industry to ensure that our product can be used to fire the kiln. The output from the SRF has now been proven to function as an energy source for the cement industry. This means that our SRF has the capacity to replace the use of coal in cement factories.

“Effectively this means that at Wastebeater we now operate a manufacturing plant based on a production line concept, with an energy source as the final outcome. By doing so we are leading the move of our industry from primarily being a waste management led business to that of being a commodity producer.”

Wastebeater has developed its SRF system in partnership with Lagan Cement which opened a state of the art 700,000 tonne/year cement manufacturing plant in Kinnegad, Co Meath in the Republic of Ireland ten years ago. The plant is the most modern in Ireland and covers 750 acres and has two quarries of shale and limestone. The fuel is now also being provided to Irish Cement in Drogheda.

Earlier this year Wastebeater acquired Greenstar NI from administration and now employs more than 70 people at its Belfast base.

Wastebeater recycles a vast array of materials including papers, plastic film, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, plastic bottles, rigid plastics and wood all from either single stream or mixed waste collections.

The company works with major companies in Northern Ireland and the UK assisting them in reaching their waste management targets including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Translink, Botanic Inns and Moy Park.