Efficiency good for business

THIRTY businesses across Northern Ireland have bucked the economic trend and collaborated to achieve actual cost savings of £2.2 million and generate additional sales of over £550,000 after a programme offered by Invest NI.

The companies were all participants in the Industrial Symbiosis (IS) service, part of Invest’s portfolio of support for businesses that want to reduce costs while improving their sustainability.

Many of the companies were seeking solutions for dealing with waste from their processes. This waste included ropes, clip top drums, machine oil, paper and cardboard, PVC and other plastics, soil, concrete and process waste. Almost all of the companies were aiming to reduce costs too.

Through engagement with the IS service, the companies received free advice and support from experienced practitioners along with introductions to other companies that could provide an alternative solution to landfill for the waste materials.

“The Industrial Symbiosis service is helping local companies to generate significant savings by diverting waste from costly landfill,” said Olive Hill, Invest NI’s director of technology and process development.

“At the same time companies using the waste are reducing their raw material costs. Both are therefore benefiting.”