More jobs for accountants and in the construction sector over the past year



Jobs for accountants and construction workers have increased by around a third in the past year, but there has been a fall in financial services and manufacturing roles, a new study has shown.

Jobs website totaljobs.com said there had been a three per cent increase in posts in 2013, but with wide-ranging differences between professions. Accountancy had the biggest increase in jobs at 36 per cent, with a 31 per cent rise in construction, while there were 15 per cent fewer jobs in manufacturing and a nine per cent decline in financial services.

The increase has led to a fall in the number of applicants per vacancy, down from 18 in 2012 to around 16 in 2013. John Salt, of totaljobs.com, said: “Our figures back up George Osborne’s claim that the economy is in recovery. More jobs and less competition is contributing to renewed jobseeker confidence.”




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