Albanian jailed for false ID papers


An Albanian national who was caught trying to board a ferry from Belfast to Scotland using a false identification document has been jailed for three months.

Konstantino Anthnasopoulos had £2,000 in cash and was intending to make a fresh start in Edinburgh when he was detained by the immigration authorities.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard Anthnasopoulos, 25, had paid €600 in Greece for the ID card, which subsequently proved to be a fake.

A representative from the Public Prosecution Service said the Albanian man was detained by immigration officers as he was about to board a ferry in Belfast bound for Scotland on Sunday.

When he was asked for ID, Anthnasopoulos handed over what was described in court as “a green identification card”. Anthnasopoulos was arrested under the Immigration Act for possessing a false ID document.

The prosecutor said that during interview, Anthnasopoulos made a full admission and said he had been in the Republic and was making his way to Edinburgh, via Belfast, when he was detained.

A defence solicitor described Anthnasopoulos as an “economic immigrant”, adding he had “taken a chance” with the ID document.

The solicitor also told the court his client had been travelling to Edinburgh to “make a fresh start” and has since accepted he should not have been using the document.

Branding a breach of the immigration provision “a serious matter”, the district judge jailed Anthnasopoulos for three months. Upon his release from prison, Anthnasopoulos will be deported from Northern Ireland.