Bottle thrown at pensioner’s home as trouble sparks in Woodvale


Sectarian attacks in north Belfast, which included a bottle thrown at the home of a pensioner, must stop, the area’s MP has said.

Nigel Dodds said a number of incidents on Friday were “harmful to community relations”, and called for leadership on both sides of the peace line to ensure the attacks stop.

Police confirmed they received a report of bottles being thrown into Kirk Street from the Springfield Road, but said there were no reports of damage and no-one was seen in the area at the time.

Mr Dodds said one of the bottles had landed on the roof a pensioner’s home, and glass from the bottle ended up on their car.

Shortly before 2am another incident saw police having to intervene when a group of nationalists reportedly coming from a pub in Ardoyne shouted at people in the nearby Twaddell camp.

Police confirmed a bottle was thrown towards Twaddell Avenue from Brompton Park.

Mr Dodds also said he understood there had been comments made on a social networking on Friday evening indicating nationalists youths were gathering to attack the unionist Alliance area. Police were unable to confirm this.

The north Belfast MP and DUP deputy leader said the interface had been “relatively quiet” since a series of sectarian incidents in the area in January.

“These type of incidents, which may not always make the news, can be caused by a tiny number of people but are deeply harmful to community relations,” he said.

“Those responsible must be left in no doubt that they are acting against the wishes of the wider community. I appeal to anyone who has information relating to any of these incidents to pass that on to the police without delay.

“It is disgraceful that senior citizens living beside an interface cannot go to bed at night without fearing that their home could come under attack at any time. “There must be no tolerance of sectarian attacks. I call for concerted efforts from both sides of the community, in association with the police, to ensure no escalation and to make it plainly known that there is no support at all for such bigoted attacks.”