Burglar punches 86 year-old woman in the face


A woman whose 86-year-old sister was attacked by a burglar in her own home has appealed for anyone with information to bring it to police.

The pensioner, who was punched in the face, had disturbed a man wearing a black hoodie in her home in the Mary Street area of Lurgan.

Police said that the incident took place in the home of two ladies aged in their 80s and 70s at 5.45am on Sunday.

“The male assaulted the woman and made off from the house,” police said.

“It is not believed that anything was taken. The woman received medical treatment at the house for a non-life threatening injury. She and another woman, who also resides there, were left badly shaken by the incident.”

A sister of the two women said they were aged 86 and 78, the elder of the two having been injured.

“She was hit on the face but her nose was not broken,” she told the News Letter.

“It was a very traumatic experience for them. I have got them both to go to bed for a while,” she said yesterday afternoon.

“They will be all right, but this is very hard on two people of that age.

“The ambulance and paramedics were here but her nose was not broken. They said they did not want to traumatise them further by sending them to hospital. So they asked us just to keep any eye on them both to see that they are getting through it ok.”

She praised the police response as “very, very good”.

“They did door-to-door inquiries asking people what they had seen and warning them there had been a burglary in the area.”

She added: “Last week at the far end of the town a very well-dressed man called at a house while two other men came in the back door. Thankfully in this case there was only one.

“If anybody knows anything about this attack on our sister we would ask them to give it to the police.”

SDLP councillor Declan McAlinden is a friend of the family.

“The ladies were very shaken and in shock and disbelief that someone would break into their house,” he said.

“Although I am a friend of the family they were much too traumatised to see me when I visited.

“There is no apparent reason to target them apart from the fact that they were completely defenceless sisters in their 70s and 80s.

“Whether the burglar was on his way home from a night out, we just don’t know, but it has to be utterly condemned.

“Burglaries have been happening on a weekly basis in the Lurgan and Craigavon and surrounding rural areas in recent weeks.”