Cash machine robbery ‘an 
attack on whole community’

The scene in Keady, Co Armagh at an attempted ATM raid
The scene in Keady, Co Armagh at an attempted ATM raid

Police are appealing for the public to report suspicious activity after another theft of cash from an ATM using gas ignition.

The latest incident took place in south Armagh in the early hours of yesterday, following similar incidents in Carrickmore and Hamiltonsbawn in recent weeks.

Those behind yesterday’s theft in Keady at Rice’s supermarket have attacked the entire local community, a retailers’ representative said.

Glyn Roberts of the NI Independent Retail Trade Association said they were “growing increasingly concerned” at the number of incidents involving thefts from cash machines.

“These attacks are taking place on community retailers that serve their local community and provide a vital service,” he said.

Army bomb experts were tasked and a number of houses evacuated after the explosion around 2.45am. There was no other damage to property.

D/C/Superintendent Roy McComb, head of Organised Crime Branch, said: “These types of incidents present a serious risk to the community.

“Our advice to the public is to avoid any ATM that appears to have been tampered with and, in particular, do not approach any which has hoses, wires or other items leading from it. Call the police immediately on 999.”

Police say a number of arrests have been made in relation to the incidents in Carrickmore and Hamiltonsbawn.