Cash skimming device is discovered at ATM in south Belfast

PSNI warning
PSNI warning

Members of the public are being advised to be vigilant after the discovery of a money-skimming device.

Police in Castlereagh advised those taking out cash from hole-in-the-wall machines to be extra careful in the area after the device was recovered from an ATM at a service station in the Milltown Road area of Belfast on Saturday morning.

Skimming devices enable criminals to copy information from bank cards so they can remove money.

To ensure safe transactions, police said users should make sure to hide their PIN numbers while at an ATM, and should also be aware of their surroundings; adding that if they are talking on a phone or wearing headphones they cannot take in what is going on.

They also advised users to be wary of anyone trying to distract them while using ATMs.

Police believe the device was attached on the same morning it was discovered, and appealed to anyone who was in the area between 5am and 6am and noticed anyone acting suspiciously to contact CID at Castlereagh on the non-emergency number 101, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.