Clubs condemn Brandywell attack on Cork City fans

The attack happened after Friday nights game at the Brandywell between Derry City and Cork City
The attack happened after Friday nights game at the Brandywell between Derry City and Cork City

Cork City Football Club has thanked homeowners in the Brandywell after their fans were attacked following Friday night’s match with Derry City.

The club released a statement which said: “The club utterly condemns those involved in the attack, who in no way represent Derry City FC, their supporters or supporters of the League of Ireland in general.

“We would like to thank those locals who came to the assistance of the Cork City fans and Derry City FC for their subsequent assistance.”

Sinn Féin councillor Patricia Logue has also called the situation disgraceful.

“What happened in the Brandywell was totally and utterly disgraceful.

“This was a very serious situation; a small group of Cork City FC supporters were surrounded on the Brandywell Road by a mob and viciously attacked. They had to seek refuge in local businesses and homes.

“I would like to commend all those local residents and members of CRJ who came to their aid and prevented a number of people from being attacked.

“Those who came into the Brandywell and attacked the Cork supporters do not represent the people of the area or Derry City Football club.”

Derry City’s board of directors have condemned the actions of those involved in attacking Cork City fans.

Director Denis Bradley, described it as a “very serious incident” which they would be “thoroughly investigating”.

He also said the incident was a “city issue” which needed “nipped in the bud before Derry gained a reputation as being unwelcoming – which, of course, it is not”.

Police have confirmed that they attended an incident in the Brandywell area on Friday evening.

A spokesperson said: “After 10.25pm on Friday March 11, police received two reports of an altercation occurring between a group of males in the Lecky Road area of Derry/Londonderry.

“One of the reports stated that the group were throwing bottles at each other and at passing cars. A wing mirror on one car was broken as a result.

“When police attended some minutes later, approximately 20 youths were in the area. There was no altercation occurring, though the youths threw a number of stones and bottles at the police vehicle.”