Councillor condemns ‘sectarian’ attack on school bus in north Belfast


An attack on a bus carrying pupils from the Girls Model School in Belfast has been condemned as “disgraceful” and “sectarian” by a local DUP representative.

Oldpark councillor Gareth McKee said the girls were on their way home around 3.45pm yesterday when nationalist youths boarded their bus on the Oldpark Road and pelted pupils with eggs while shouting sectarian abuse.

Cllr McKee said a delegation of DUP councillors had spoken with the some of the victims, as well as their parents and the PSNI.

“The attack was carried out by five or six older teenagers described as being around 18 years old. Some got onto the bus through the rear fire exit and threw eggs at pupils on the bottom deck,” he said.

Cllr McKee added: “The nationalist attackers shouted sectarian abuse at the Protestant schoolgirls as they carried out the attack. “First year pupils were particularly terrified by this horrendous ordeal.

“The attackers took a folder of school work off one pupil and ran off with this. Another pupil had to get off the bus to retrieve this and she was pelted with more eggs. Some pupils think that their uniforms have been ruined.”