Court case warning for bakery

Equality Commission
Equality Commission

A letter sent from the Equality Commission to Ashers Baking Co, dated June 26, stated that on May 9 Gareth Lee [from Queerspace] “ordered from your business a cake to include graphics of an image including a slogan promoting gay marriage and referring to ‘Queerspace’, an organisation promoting gay rights”.

The letter - which is clearly visible on a video posted on The Christian Institute website - adds that the order was accepted and paid for - but on May 11 Mr Lee received a call from Ashers ”advising him that his order was cancelled”.

“The caller from your business advised that he was instructed to tell him that your business was a Christian bakery and that the order could not be completed and that your money was to be refunded,” adds the correspondence.

“This letter constitutes a letter of claim in consequences of which we look forward to receiving your proposals to remedy your unlawful discrimination against Mr Lee within seven days of the date of this letter failing which proceedings will issue before a County Court without further notice to you.”

The letter further advises Ashers to “bring this letter to the attention of your insurer and/or appropriate legal advisors”.

An Equality Commission spokesman said: “In this case the Commission has granted assistance to the complainant, and has written to the company concerned on his behalf. The Commission will consider any response before taking further action.”