Derrylin parade: Victim seething at SF ‘hypocrisy’

Tommy and Emily Bullock were shot dead by an IRA gang in their Derrylin farmhouse in 1972
Tommy and Emily Bullock were shot dead by an IRA gang in their Derrylin farmhouse in 1972

Diane Woods is a niece of part-time UDR member Thomas Bullock and his wife Emily who were shot dead in their Derrylin farmhouse in 1972.

She has been left seething after Sinn Fein MP Michelle Gildernew told Radio Ulster earlier this week that the Palestinian ambassador, Ahmad Abdelrazek, would address the Derrylin rally on Sunday to commemorate IRA hunger strikers.

“Michelle Gildernew has said she condemns the Israelis targeting women and children. What I immediately thought is how hypocritical that is,” Mrs Woods said.

“My aunt, a woman, was deliberately targeted whenever she was murdered alongside my uncle in their home in Derrylin. I am absolutely seething. She went on to say that the parade would be ‘respectful and dignified’.

“She would need to look up the meaning of those two words in the dictionary. She actually had the audacity to talk about unionist genocide in Northern Ireland, whenever they were discussing Gaza and the Israeli situation.

“Well, I could tell her there was genocide in Northern Ireland, particularly in south Armagh and south Fermanagh, but it was at the hands of the IRA,” she added.

Mrs Woods said the gunmen who killed her aunt and uncle jeered as they fled the scene – and that a nearby abattoir was later called and asked to collect two bullocks.

She said the Derrylin parade was another opportunity to goad victims.

“It is just so disgusting. Gerry Adams is quoted in the Impartial Reporter that the march has the full approval of local residents. Yes, it has the full approval of nationalist residents but certainly not the ones who aren’t – they must feel very vulnerable and afraid to say anything because they are afraid of reprisals.”