Drunken man punched officer up to five times

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A man who smashed a woman’s house windows and attacked a police officer in a drink-fuelled incident has been jailed for 11 months.

Gary Bain punched the constable up to five times after he responded to disturbances in east Belfast last Christmas.

The 26-year-old defendant, with a hostel address on the city’s Antrim Road, admitted charges of assault and criminal damage.

He was arrested when trouble broke out at the woman’s home on Madrid Street on December 26.

Earlier Bain had been drinking at his ex-partner’s home in nearby Wolff Close, but left there after breaking a chair.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard he then barged at the Madrid Street property, targeting a living room window and front door panel.

After lashing out at the policeman and damaging his mobile phone officers deployed CS gas in a bid to restrain him.

CCTV footage showing the assault was played in court.

Jonathan Browne, defending, accepted it had been a violent outburst.

“Clearly it was an explosive incident in relation to the police officers, but against that it was of limited duration,” he said.

Mr Browne stressed that although his client had been carrying a broken chair leg it was never used as a weapon.

The barrister said Bain had gone round to the house to accost another man over a separate allegation.

“This third party was nowhere to be seen, but in effect it lit the touch paper,” he said.

District Judge Neil Rafferty told Bain he had acted “disgracefully” by attacking a woman’s home while she had a child in her arms.

Imposing a total of 11 months in prison for the various assault and criminal damage charges, he added: “You have nobody but yourself to blame.”