Elderly couple left in shock after masked men burgle home

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The daughter of an elderly couple who were held with their two sons in a bedroom during an aggravated gang burglary at their home on Monday night said “they are in total shock that this could happen to them”.

Patsy Boyle, 76, and his 80-year-old wife Bridie – who have 12 children – were recovering yesterday from their ordeal, during which their home at Loughside Drive in Ballynahinch was ransacked around 8.15pm and a sum of cash taken.

Their daughter Linda Casement, 44, said: “Five men came through the back door. They said they were from the LVF and they were looking for drugs.

“Initially daddy thought it was his grandson playing a prank on him and started to get off the bed. But he was pushed back down again and told not to move.

“Mummy was sitting in the chair at the side of the bed at the time along with another son. One of the gang then went upstairs and got another son – who had been sleeping – to come down.

“Then they ransacked the house. One of them kept saying we have got the wrong house, but it didn’t stop them.”

Mrs Casement, whose father was left disabled after a car accident, added that her parents “did not sleep after it happened”.

“They have lived here more than 40 years; nothing like this has ever happened before and they just want life to get back to normal,” she said. “But they are thankful they are okay and they were not hurt.

“They are being supported by their family.”