Fake police officers con Magilligan man out of cash


Two men dressed as police officers and claiming to be investigating counterfeit money conned a Magilligan man into handing over cash.

The men, both wearing yellow coats with Police written on the back and black boots, trousers and caps with a badge, approached the man at his house on the Seacoast Road at around 7.30pm on Tuesday.

The PSNI confirmed neither of the two men was actually a police officer.

The man handed over a sum of cash to the pair, who both spoke with local accents and left in a small hatchback car.

One of the men is described as being around 35 years old, around 5’7” tall, and of thin build, while the second man was thought to be in his 40’s, approximately 5’9”, and of medium build.

A PSNI spokesman said: “Detectives can confirm that these men were not police officers and would remind householders not to permit anyone inside their home without being 100 per cent sure of who they are.

“Householders should always check the ID of any unknown caller irrespective of who they claim to represent and if in doubt, not let them in.”