‘Feud resulted in samurai sword attack’


A man was attacked with a samurai sword and knife as part of a feud between two families in Belfast, the High Court heard yesterday.

Martin Heaney suffered stab wounds to his body, arms and legs after being dragged from his home in the middle of the night, prosecutors said.

As one of two men accused of trying to kill him sought bail a judge described it as a “barbaric attack”.

William Mongan, 28, of Bleach Green, Belfast, denies charges of attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon in public.

He is alleged to have gone to Mr Heaney’s home in the Ardoyne area early on September 8 last year armed with a samurai sword.

A co-accused with him at the time had a knife hidden up his sleeve, it was claimed.

Conor Maguire, prosecuting, said the victim answered a knock on the door and was dragged outside by two masked men.

Mr Heaney later claimed to have recognised them as the two accused. All three are members of the traveller community.

Mr Heaney suffered stab wounds to his chest, abdominal wall, arm and thigh.

Defence counsel Conn O’Neill said Mongan has provided an alibi.

Mr Justice Horner adjourned the bail application until next month.