Firework exploded in rioter’s face


A rioter who claimed he was so drunk that he can’t remember receiving hospital treatment after a firework he was throwing at police lines exploded in his face was yesterday handed a year’s detention.

Colin Milligan, 20, from Enfield Street in Belfast, admitted rioting in the Woodvale area on July 12 last year.

Showing footage of the riot to Belfast Crown Court, the prosecutor said Milligan was seen to throw five lit fireworks at police lines.

As he went to throw a sixth, it blew up.

The court was told that Milligan “woke up the next day with burns and scars all over his face ... and a family member told him he had been at the Royal Victoria Hospital the previous night”.

Milligan’s solicitor said his client had been abusing alcohol and cannabis since the age of 12. He said Milligan’s judgment on the day in question was “absolutely clouded” due to drink.

Milligan will also spend an additional 12 months under supervised licensed parole upon his release.