Former Army agent abandons battle over newspaper photo


A former British Army agent inside the IRA yesterday abandoned his legal battle over the newspaper publication of his photograph.

Peter Keeley had been about to appeal the dismissal of his alleged breach of copyright claim against the Irish News.

But the one-time MI5 and RUC informer, who uses the pseudonym Kevin Fulton, ended his challenge after a High Court security for costs application was brought against him.

The move could have resulted in Mr Keeley being forced to lodge cash in court to cover legal bills had his planned appeal ultimately failed.

Lawyers for the newspaper were set to argue it is almost inconceivable that the ex-spy, now living in hiding, would voluntary pay any costs against him.

Papers prepared as part of their application claimed: “It is respectfully submitted that he will take full advantage of his shadowy status to avoid any payment whatsoever.”

Mr Keeley had been seeking £5,000 damages for breach of privacy and copyright.

He also claimed unauthorised use of an unmasked, self-taken picture has exposed him to heightened danger.

The 52-year-old issued proceedings over a photograph which appeared 
in the newspaper in April 2011.