Fraud couple warned:‘Repay £900k or face going back to jail’

The Small couple still owes �900,000, a court heard.
The Small couple still owes �900,000, a court heard.

A husband and wife who were jailed four years ago for a multi-million pound tax fraud still owe around £900,000 in compensation, a court heard yesterday.

Patrick Gerry Small (60) and his 54-year old wife Mary, from Cullenramer Road in Dungannon, siphoned off cash and cheques from their business and stashed the money in undeclared off-shore bank accounts over a 17-year period. In February 2010, the couple were jailed after admitting a tax fraud of more than £4.5m.

They appeared at Belfast Crown Court on Friday, where it emerged they owe around £900,000 in compensation to debtors.

The couple were warned they must pay the outstanding figure to avoid being returned to jail. The case was listed for review in six weeks time.