IRA victims to visit Libya in the hope of resolving payment issues

William Frazer
William Frazer

Victims of IRA terrorism are to visit Libya in the pursuit of compensation for attacks carried out using Libyan-supplied weaponry.

The latest phase of the long-running campaign was already in the pipeline before weekend revelations that Tony Blair could be sued over an alleged deal with Col Gaddafi on the issue.

Lawyers acting for 156 victims, including survivors of bombs in Enniskillen and Warrington, have claimed a leaked email contains evidence the former prime minister “connived” with the Libyan leader to block payments to UK victims.

Around $1.5 billion has already been paid to US victims.

In March, Willie Frazer of FAIR will join a delegation representing victims’ groups across the UK on a trip to Libya to explore ways of progressing the fight for compensation. As Mr Frazer explained, they will also use the opportunity to seek a meeting with Libyan officials they claim facilitated the shipment of weapons.

“It is also our intention to try and meet with Abdullah Senussi [intelligence chief and brother-in-law of Col Gaddafi]. It will be enlightening to see how supportive the IRA and republicans are in respect of our campaign to secure justice,” he said.