Jamie Bryson’s lawyer criticises flag case delays

Jamie Bryson
Jamie Bryson

A lawyer for loyalist flag protest leader Jamie Bryson has criticised police delays in completing their files in the case.

Twenty-three year-old Bryson is on bail awaiting trial on charges of taking part in an un-notified procession and encouraging or assisting offences in March.

On Monday Belfast Magistrates court was told police could not give a full update on progress in the case because they were still waiting for the results of an examination of a computer seized from Bryson, of Rosepark in Donaghadee

Defence lawyer Darren Duncan said today was the first time he had heard about the computer.

He said he had believed the alleged evidence related to speeches that Bryson had made and to his client’s presence in certain locations.

Mr Duncan said there were concerns that ‘matters were dragging on’ and that the examination of the computer was a fishing exercise.

Police were given two weeks to report back to the court about what was happening in relation to the case.

Meanwhile one of the bail conditions imposed on Bryson was changed on Monday so that he can leave his home to go on a family holiday from July 26 to August 4.