Judge’s warning to jury before Armagh murder case begins

Lee Smyth
Lee Smyth

Two men are to go on trial today accused of the murder of an Armagh man attacked in the city nearly four years ago on June 6, 2010.

The pair, 23-year-old Gareth McKinney, originally with an address at Charles Park, Portadown, and Michael Wilson, also 23, from Marlacoo Road, Tandragee, deny the murder of 30-year-old Lee Smyth.

Wilson is also charged with stealing a cigarette tin from Mr Smyth.

The only details given to the jury were that the accused allegedly took part in an attack on Mr Smyth near the Drelincourt Primary School and the Grove Nursery area.

Trial judge Mr Justice Weir told the jury in Armagh Courthouse it was important that they know nothing of the case or of any witness involved in the case.

The trial itself is expected to last up to two weeks.

Mr Justice Weir added that they had repeatedly heard, as each of them was sworn in, “to give true verdicts according to the evidence”.

That, said the judge, “means exactly what it says”, as he warned them not to be tempted to “look things up on the internet”, or to discuss the evidence, save with their fellow jury members.