Kincora victim tells of sex abuse and ‘stream of men’

Kincora Boys Home
Kincora Boys Home

An east Belfast man who was a resident at the Kincora boys home in east Belfast, yesterday backed calls for a child sex abuse inquiry at Westminster to probe what took place there.

Gary Hoy, now 52, says he was sent there aged seven or eight due to a troubled home life.

He said yesterday that he remembered one of the leading carers, William McGrath, rubbing him down after showers and standing over him when he awoke, adding, that “his hands would be everywhere”.

Mr Hoy recalled another carer taking him to a house at Fortwilliam in north Belfast where he was left with an older man. He has now blanked out what happened.

The same carer took him to a house at Fourwinds and sexually assaulted him, he told the BBC Nolan Show

“I have lived with all that. I have ended up in prison I don’t know how many times all for stupid things, nothing serious.”

He has used alcohol heavily to try and blank out the memories, he said.

Some boys were taken on mystery trips to England and there were well-to-do men in suits coming in and out “all the time”.

Mr Hoy would like a new Westminster inquiry into wide-ranging abuse to look into the matter.

Asked if he thought it was possible that MI5 would allow children to be abused in order to have informants, former PSNI assistant chief constable Adrian McQuillan said he believed it was.

“I don’t know if it did happen but I have to say in light of everything that was going on at that time it could have happened,” he said.

“You have got to look at the entire context. Effectively when Kincora was at its peak we had undeclared martial law here. The police service had collapsed and the Army were in charge of security.”

There were “all sorts of very strange things and some very strange people” operating across Northern Ireland, he said.