Lorry hijacked and driver ordered to take bomb to PSNI station

The lorry parked on Buncrana Road
The lorry parked on Buncrana Road

A security alert is underway at Buncrana Road in Londonderry after a lorry was hijacked and its driver ordered to drive a bomb to Strand Road PSNI station in the city.

Police received a report around 12.30pm that a lorry had been hijacked in the Galliagh area.

“Two masked men approached the driver as he was making a delivery to Ederowen Park,” said the spokesman.

“An object was loaded into the back of the lorry and the driver was ordered to take it to Strand Road police station.

“The lorry stopped at Buncrana Road and police are at the scene.”

The spokesman added that staff have been advised to leave St Columb’s College and people have also been moved from business units in the Pennyburn Industrial Estate.

SDLP Foyle MLA Colum Eastwood said those responsible for today’s attempted bomb attack are “cowards”.

He said Londonderry “will not be dragged back to the barbarity of the past by mindless thugs devoted to terror”.

“Our city has made tremendous strides towards a bright future and such acts of attempted destruction will be viewed with utter revulsion by all right thinking people.

“It appears that Strand Road police station was the intended target for this device but, for the brave actions of the person who was ordered to transport the suspected bomb we could be faced with devastating consequences this afternoon.”

He added: “We cannot allow our new image to be tarnished by those who are hell-bent on recreating the mayhem of the past. This wanton attack is to be utterly condemned, and it is time those cowards responsible to realise there is no place for terrorism in our society.”