Loyalist march organisers hail parade as a success

Loyalists protesting in Belfast City centre in September
Loyalists protesting in Belfast City centre in September

The organisers of a loyalist protest last Saturday have hailed it as a success.

A group calling themselves the Loyalist Peaceful Protestors were behind the 2,000 strong march in the city centre in opposition to both the Parades Commission’s latest decisions and the vote last December to remove the Union flag from the City Hall.

The group defied a Parades Commission ruling calling for them to have cleared the centre by 1pm.

Bands and supporters made their way down Royal Avenue at 1.30pm and ended the parade at Twaddell Avenue.

A statement from the group, which claimed it is not affiliated with any other organisation, thanked all those involved.

“The LPP would like to thank all its members, for making Saturday’s Human Rights March such a success,” said the statement.

“We would like to thank the stewards who did an excellent job in keeping Saturday’s march peaceful. The LPP appreciate the hard work that was carried out behind the scenes, in making our march a success on Saturday.”

The statement went on to say they support all flag protestors who they consider have been treated “unlawfully” since the demonstrations began.

Following the march police said they would be investigating the “widespread breaches” of the Parades Commission ruling.