Man tied up and tasered in burglary


Two men were tied up and one was tasered during a burglary at a north Belfast house by three masked men on Sunday.

The burglars, armed with a long barrel weapon, an axe and a taser, entered the house at North Circular Road just before 11pm.

One male was tied up in an upstairs bedroom while another, aged in his 20s, who was also upstairs in the house during the incident, is believed to have been tied up, assaulted by the butt of the firearm and tasered during the incident. His injuries are not believed to be serious. Both men were said to have been left badly shaken.

The gang stole a sum of money and a quantity of jewellery, as well as the family’s black BMW car. The car was last seen travelling on the Springfield Road towards the Monagh bypass area.

The DUP’s Nelson McCausland said the men, thought to be father and son, had been “put through a terrifying and traumatic ordeal”.

He added: “The entire community is outraged and disgusted by this crime and is unified in calling for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Pat Convery of the SDLP said the incident was “a cruel and vicious attack on people and property in our city”.

Sinn Féin councillor Mary Ellen Campbell said the community will be on its guard after the robbery, but added that people should not be living in fear as such incidents are rare.

“I’m urging residents to take all sensible measures to secure your homes and help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of such despicable crimes.”