Michael Copeland quiet after reports he injured his own wife by accident at protest

UUP MLA Michael Copeland
UUP MLA Michael Copeland

UUP MLA Michael Copeland yesterday said he is still awaiting the findings of complaints about alleged police mistreatment, amid claims his version of events is not borne out by an Ombudsman’s investigation.

The incident in question unfolded during violent scenes in Belfast city centre last August, as loyalists clashed with police after a republican parade.

Media reports in the past 48 hours said the still-unpublished report by the Police Ombudsman did not fully support his account.

In a previous description of the event in the News Letter, he said he was pushed by a shield and kicked. “This concerned my daughter Sarah so she came forward to help me,” he had said. “She was kicked in the lower leg. The boot mark is on her leg and she was hit on the arm with the edge of a shield or a baton. When my wife went forward to get Sarah she was hit on the top right-hand side of her forehead to such a degree that one of her teeth will have to be removed.”

According to the recent media reports, the Ombudsman’s investigation concluded his wife was hit on the head, by accident, by Mr Copeland’s own arm.

Mr Copeland said yesterday he is still awaiting notification the investigation has concluded, so at the moment he can say little beyond that.