Odyssey to review DJ Hardwell gig

The scene at the Odyssey Arena on Thursday as the DJ Hardwell gig played inside.
The scene at the Odyssey Arena on Thursday as the DJ Hardwell gig played inside.

The Odyssey is to carry out a review into events around a DJ gig last Thursday which resulted in more than 100 people requiring medical treatment.

Around 10,000 people attended the DJ Hardwell concert at the Belfast Arena but police said 300 were turned away at the doors due to either being drunk or under-age for the 16-plus gig.

DJ Hardwell

DJ Hardwell

Fifteen people were taken to hospital as a result of the effects of drink and drugs. The Ambulance Service declared a major incident outside the Arena as their paramedics and SOS Bus volunteers attempted to deal with young teens who they said were in “very vulnerable states”.

Inside the Odyssey 68 people needed medical attention.

A gig by the DJ due to take place in Edinburgh on Saturday was cancelled after Police Scotland met with other representatives and the licence was withdrawn.

Chief Executive of the Odyssey Trust, Robert Fitzpatrick, will carry out the review, which aims to conclude by Friday February 21.

“Following the events of last Thursday night, the Odyssey Trust has announced that it will carry out a review,” the statement said. “The review will meet with all of the relevant stakeholders involved; assess the preparation and event plan made for the night; the implementation of that plan and the effectiveness of the Odyssey Arena and its partner organisations to deliver that plan.”

Calls were made on Friday for a Stormont probe into how so many young people got access to so much alcohol.

Health Minister Edwin Poots said the incident highlighted the need for Northern Ireland society to change its attitude to drink.

A statement from police last week said they would meet with the Odyssey as part of their investigation, and review CCTV footage.

Following the incident the Odyssey’s General Manager Adrian Doyle said the incident levels that evening were “at normal levels for an event of this size and nature and were managed effectively at all times by staff.”