Protestant enclave in Fountain estate attacked for third time in five days

Fountain Estate, Londonderry
Fountain Estate, Londonderry

Petrol bombs were thrown into the mainly Protestant Fountain estate in Londonderry for a third time in five days.

In an attack on Thursday, the small enclave was targeted from the Nailors Row area around 9pm.

The devices landed on grass, causing no other damage. Two youths, aged 13 and 14, were arrested earlier this week on suspicion of riotous behaviour in the area on Sunday.

They have been released on police bail and reported to social services.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan said it was a “disgrace” that a number of elderly residents were affected, and added: “Those responsible are out to cause damage and their contemptible actions only show they have an utter disregard for the many people who live nearby.”

UUP representative Ronnie McKeegan said his party welcomes the cross-party condemnation of the attacks and Thursday night’s prompt police response.

However, he said the city would fail to reach its full potential “as long as the minority unionist community in the Fountain is forced to live virtually under siege in fear of attack”.