PSNI to clamp down on drink-drive World Cup revellers

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The PSNI has warned that it will be clamping down on World Cup fans who are still under the influence of alcohol when they take to the roads the morning after big matches.

Police recommend anyone who is in doubt to take public transport instead.

Road Policing Chief Inspector Andrew Wilson said: “Even though Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are not competing there will still be plenty of interest in this year’s World Cup so whether you plan on watching in the comfort of your own home or at the pub please drink responsibly.

“Quite often it is the morning after that catches out most people so if you are considering having a few drinks then make sure you leave enough time to sober up before getting behind the wheel of a car. Alcohol affects everyone differently and even if you feel you can drive chances are you may still be over the limit the morning after, especially if you have taken more than you usually would. Our advice is not to take the risk at all and to use public transport or arrange a lift with someone who hasn’t been drinking.”

Mr Wilson said that focused operations will be taking place throughout the tournament, including cross border work with colleagues in An Garda Siochana.

He also asked pedestrians and cyclists engaging in celebrations to take care. If they decide to walk home after a night out then they should make sure they keep to footpaths and can be seen by other road users. If you are at all unsteady on your feet then take a taxi, he advises, adding that cyclists also need to ensure they are fit to ride.

“The sobering reality is you are putting your own life and the lives of others at risk,” he added. “Driving while over the limit is shameful and too many people have lost their lives or have been left seriously injured because of the selfishness of a drunk driver. Don’t take that chance, not even after one drink, as the consequences can be devastating for everyone.”