RTE tight-lipped over interview with Michaella McCollum’s ex-boyfriend

Michaella McCollum Connolly
Michaella McCollum Connolly

RTE has refused to disclose if the former boyfriend of Michaella McCollum Connolly is being paid to talk about his romance with the alleged drugs trafficker.

English DJ Brad Houston is due to appear on RTE One’s The Saturday Night Show this weekend despite having previously claimed he would not give any media interviews about their relationship.

McCollum Connolly from Dungannon has been in custody in Peru since August 6 since she was detained, along with her friend Melissa Reid from Scotland, attempting to board a flight from Lima to Madrid with £1.5 million worth of cocaine hidden in two suitcases.

The two women, both 20, have entered guilty pleas ahead of a sentencing hearing on Tuesday on the understanding their admissions will result in a greatly reduced sentence.

However, prosecutors in the Peruvian capital have asked for more information about the pair’s illegal activities before such a plea bargain can be reached.

It is still unclear if they will make more candid statements explaining who gave them the drugs and who organised their trip to Peru.

Mr Houston was in a relationship with McCollum Connolly after they met in Ibiza this summer. Following initial reports that the Dungannon woman had gone missing in July, the DJ said that he felt for her family during the uncertainty.

After news of her arrest broke, he said he didn’t know what was going on but that he hoped she would get home safe.

“Whatever I do or say is not going to help get her home, so I’m doing no interviews. Anything I knew I told her family, no one else needs to know,” he wrote online.

On Friday night, a spokeswoman for RTE said it was not company policy to discuss whether fees were being paid to guests on the show.

“That is commercially sensitive,” she said. “He is coming on to talk about his summer with Michaella and what life was like in Ibiza. It’s going out live so I’m not going to comment any further until the interview has gone ahead.”

The show in being broadcast on Saturday at 9.45pm.

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