Second attack on Orange Hall in a week


An Orange Hall in Bellaghy has been attacked for the second time in a week.

Police said are investigating the report of criminal damage caused to Bellaghy Orange Hall, which happened sometime between 11pm on Friday evening and 10:30am on Saturday morning.

The hall was attacked on the Twelfth morning when it was covered by paint.

UUP MLA Sandra Overend described the latest attack as disgusting, disappointing and hurtful.

“This disgusting attack on the Orange culture is the second such paint attack on Bellaghy Orange Hall in less than a week and I share the hurt and disappointment of the unionist people of the village.

“I have spoken to members of the Orange in Bellaghy and they have again insisted that they will rise above such provocation and not let it deter them from their beliefs. I commend them for this stance.

“The people of the village of Bellaghy do not want this aggravation and division where there is normally peace and respect. I totally condemn this attack and ask for other representatives to do likewise.”