Stark warning on speed limits and road closure signs

Road works

Road works

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Drivers who ignore safety speed limits and road closure signs at road works are putting their lives and the lives of road workers, contractors and other road users at risk. Speeding drivers are also needlessly risking receiving fines and points on their licence.

That’s the stark warning from the Quarry Products Association (NI), on behalf of contractors across the Province. The police, Roads Service, and the DoE Road Safety Branch have all fully endorsed the call for greater driver awareness. 

Regional Director of QPANI, Gordon Best said: “I am making this appeal on behalf of the hundreds of highly trained and qualified road workers and contractors who work together to improve and maintain our roads.”

He went on: “The vast majority of drivers act in a responsible manner, but unfortunately some drivers choose to ignore the speed and closure warnings signs. These drivers are risking lives. I am appealing to all drivers to observe road signs at road works.”