‘Suspicious vehicle’ in west Belfast


A police operation is taking place in west Belfast after the occupants of a stolen car fled the scene following a collision with another vehicle.

A woman and child have been taken to hospital after being injured in the crash.

The PSNI has described the stolen vehicle as “suspicious” and have sealed off the road.

The Falls Road has been closed between its junctions with Whiterock Road and Glen Road.

Police were alerted to the scene following the collision, which happened across the road from a petrol station.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “A woman and child from one of the cars has been taken to hospital for treatment to their injuries which are not believed to be life threatening, while the occupants of the other car ran away following the rtc.

“This car was earlier stolen in the Whiterock Road area and we are currently treating it as suspicious.

“We have closed the road for the safety of anyone who may be in the area while the vehicle is checked,” the spokesperson continued.

“Motorists are advised that diversions are in place. No homes have been evacuated at this time.”

There are no further details.