Terrorist to be sentenced next month

Court case
Court case

A 26-year-old Co Armagh man who has just completed serving a five-year sentence in the Republic of Ireland on terrorism charges, stands to be sentenced next month in Belfast for other terrorist charges he committed beforehand.

Patrick Malachy Gordon, originally from Newtownhamilton Road, Armagh, who voluntarly returned to prison here from the Republic, pleaded guilty on Thursday at the city’s Crown Court, to four charges of having documents, records useful to terrorists on February 17 2010.

Gordon admitted having a handwritten note listing material suitable for use in the manufacture of ‘Napalm-type’ incendiaries, electronic files containing a diagram of a pipe shotgun and instructions on how to make and detonate ammonium nitrate.

The diagrams on making a bomb and an improvised firearm, were allegedly retrieved from deleted files from his iPhone by police, who, during a search of his home also found a handwritten list of ingredients for a bomb under his bed.

At the time Newry Magistrates’ Court heard that Gordon became curious about bomb-making after watching an action film, and blamed his fascination for explosives on actor Mark Wahlberg, and the character he played in the film, ‘The Shooter’.

Although remanded into custody, Gordon was released on High Court bail in Belfast the following month. However, in November 2010, he was caught in the Republic in possession of a mortar tube and mortar.

In December 2011 he was jailed for five years for having the terrorist materials on the Commons Road, Dromiskin, Co Louth. Having served two thirds of the sentence, it is understood Gordon was due for release last month.