Three men arrested in Enniskillen ‘sham marriage’ swoop


Three Pakistani men have been arrested by immigration officials as they were just about to take part in a suspected ‘sham marriage’ ceremony in Enniskillen.

The incident took place at the Townhall Street register office around 2pm on Monday.

One of the three – a 29-year-old who had entered the country illegally having travelled from Dublin – had been due to marry a 24-year-old Estonian woman who lives in Dublin.

She was also arrested but was released on condition that she voluntarily leaves the country.

Two further Pakistani men, aged 26 and 27, who were to act as witnesses, were arrested for entering the UK illegally.

All three men are currently in Home Office detention while steps are taken to legally remove them from the country.

Mike Golden of Home Office Immigration Enforcement said that, where they receive relevant information, they will act. “We are carrying out frequent operations in Northern Ireland to crack down on suspected sham weddings,” he said.