Westminster must take lead on victims’ issues – Campbell

Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell

Gregory Campbell has called on the Westminster Government to “take a lead on victims’ issues” across Europe.

After tabling his Commons motion on the European Day for Victims of Terrorism, the East Londonderry MP said: “We can empathise with the demand for greater recognition of those who have suffered at the hands of terrorists, but there is a need for our own Government at Westminster to do more.”

Mr Campbell was part of a DUP delegation that met with victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer yesterday to discuss the fallout from the letters for on the run terror suspects. Mr Frazer, along with around 50 people bereaved through terrorism, had meetings with representatives from the DUP, UUP, Alliance and SDLP.

Afterwards, Mr Frazer said: “Commitments have been made, but we have told them that if they are not fulfilled then we are taking to the streets. We want to know where the victims’ funding has gone – not just in our [FAIR’s] case but across the board.”