Cyclists hope Giro raises awareness around road safety

Cyclists Paul McGreevy and Louise McMahon
Cyclists Paul McGreevy and Louise McMahon

Tensions between motorists and cyclists could be eased by the visit of the Giro d’Italia to Northern Ireland, cyclists said yesterday.

Historically some motorists and cyclists have not seen eye-to-eye, with complaints around bikes on the roads in the way of traffic and some riders fearing for their safety as cars speed past.

One Belfast man, who has cycled across France and through Amsterdam, said he does not feel safe on the roads in Northern Ireland.

Paul McGreevy, who cycled to the starting point at the Titanic Quarter yesterday, said: “Do I use the footpath a lot? Yes, because it’s just not safe a lot of the time on the roads.

“Belfast is just not geared up for cycling.”

Stephen Goudy from Ballyclare said there is fault on both sides at times, but he added that a huge event like the Giro may raise more interest around the issue.

“There are some very bad-mannered motorists out there,” said the 49 year-old fire station manager. “But there are equally as many bad-mannered cyclists, so it’s a bit like a double-edged sword.

“I think the education and guidance (around road safety) needs to be clearer.”

Paul added that publicity around the Giro may “generate a consciousness” when people encounter cyclists on the roads.